How to lookup a user’s current Active-Directory site

Posted on March 13, 2013

Curious what site you're in?

nltest /dsgetsite

Adding 64bit print drivers to 32bit Windows Servers

Posted on May 18, 2012

There has been a lot of confusion on this topic, so let's clear it up!

If you intend on sharing your printer from a 32-bit server to 64-bit clients, you will need to ensure both 32 and 64-bit drivers are installed at the server. The issue however is that the server will not allow you to install 64-bit drivers.  There is a really quick and simple solution.

1) Download the 32 and 64-bit Universal Printer Drivers from the manufacturer's site. DO NOT try and fiddle around with anything else.

2) Log into an as a domain administrator on a 64-bit PC or Server located in the same domain

3) From the command prompt run "printmanagement.msc" 

---- Right Click "Print Servers" -> "Add/Remove Servers"
---- Enter the hostname of your server and click "Add to List"
---- Click "Apply" and "OK"
























---- Expand the server you entered and load the "Drivers" child object
---- Right click the centre pane and  choose "Add Driver"
---- Choose "x64" and "x86"
---- Complete the driver installation by assisting the installer to the INF files located in your 32 and 64-bit driver downloads you already completed
---- If you successfully installed the drivers, you should see both 32 and 64-bit listed under the drivers pane

4)  It's now time to install and share the printer!

Browse to "Printer Management Console" ->  "Printer Servers" -> "Server Name" -> "Printers"  -> right click "Add Printer"

 Complete the printer installation and select the drivers you installed when it asks.

5) Check the driver options 

Select the printer you installed -> right click "properties" -> "Sharing" -> "Additional Drivers"

You should see both x64 and x86 drivers checked off; you're ready to roll!

If you do not see both checked off:

Select the printer you installed -> right click "properties" -> "advanced tab"
Choose the correct driver from the drop down list under "Driver: " and recheck the additional drivers options to verify.



Trend Micro – Worry Free Business Security – Firewall Port Ranges Failing/Not Working

Posted on July 18, 2011

We recently applied an upgrade from Worry Free Business Security 6.0 SP3 to 7.0. After the upgrade we noticed whitelisted Ephemeral and other port ranges in the firewall policies were not allowing traffic in. After numerous hours verifying everything was correctly setup we got in touch with Trend Micro and they sent back a patch to resolve the issue. We haven't seen this online yet, so I figure this may help a few of you.


Good Day.

Please apply the attached Hotfix to the WFBS Server. Unzip password: novirus
Let the agents update afterwards then observe if the issue persists.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Technical Support – Worry-Free Products and Services Trend Micro, Inc. “Securing Your Journey to the Cloud”



After applying this patch and allowing the update to propagate down to the clients, the port ranges started allowing traffic through.

Win XP RDP client fails to print Calibri font correct when connected to Win 2008 Server

Posted on April 11, 2011

Windows XP users using RDP to a Windows 2008 server may experience issues printing documents that contain Calibri. Locations that are not formatted with Calibri will print normally. This issue persists when using the Easy Print feature with XPS.

This is a known issue and Microsoft has released a hotfix for it.
Sadly, as you read the attached hotfix info you will notice that you have to call them to get the file.

We located it here:

(although we recommend calling microsoft to get it, you can likely find it online somewhere)

After installation, the RDP clients were printing Calibri correctly.