HP b110i Raid Controller installation on CentOS 6.x Linux

Posted on August 29, 2012

This installation process is specific to loading the driver during OS installation. The native driver source from CentOS 6.2 and 6.3 does not include support for the HP b110i raid card, you will need to load the appropriate driver during the installation process. This process DOES NOT work for an operating system that is already installed.

When choosing the right drivers from hp.com, you need to know a few things:

1) Ensure you choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server (x86_64) 
2) Download the U1 version
3) The file must end with .dd.gz (.rpm will not work)

To save you some time, the current driver set as of today is here:


Download the first file hpahcisr-1.2.6-13.rhel6u1.x86_64.dd.gz (135 KB)

From a linux prompt, unzip the file with gunzip:
gunzip  hpahcisr-1.2.6-13.rhel6u1.x86_64.dd.gz

which gives you:

Copy this file to a USB stick (fat32 is fine)

Now that you have your driver ready to roll, we need to load it.

1) Boot off the DVD or CD you created after download the ISO from a mirror

I prefer to use the netinstall method.


2) When the initial CentOS window prompts you to choose install, upgrade, etc, hit ESC

3) You will be provided a command prompt, type in the following and hit enter:

boot: linux dd blacklist=ahci

4) You will provided an interface to browse for your driver on the USB stick.

Find the drive, hit enter on the "hpahcisr-1.2.6-13.rhel6u1.x86_64.dd"
It should quickly initialize and locate the raid controller and take you to the normal installation process.

That's it. 

Make sure you look at the available drives after the driver loads to ensure you see the RAID volume, and not the individual disks.  If you see the individual disks, something went down the pooper. Try another driver.



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