HP System Management HomePage – Processor none – No Hardware Listed

Posted on July 15, 2012

If you recently installed the HP System Management Homepage on a new or existing HP server and you're missing the actual content when you login, you could be missing a quick community setting on your SNMP Service.

1) Goto start -> run/search -> Services.smc
2) Scroll down the list and find "SNMP Service" -> Right Click -> Properties -> Security Tab
3)  Under "Accepted Community Names" look for a "Public" community name. If it's missing, you need to add it. Click "add". Choose "ReadOnly" and enter community name "public".
4) Click Add and then OK to close the windows.

You should now have this:
















5) Right click the "SNMP Service" and choose "Restart". This will require it's HP dependencies to restart as well, click ok and let it finish

Log back into the HSM Homepage and you should now see everything:

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