Samsung SyncThru Web Service default Username and Password

Posted on May 18, 2011

We had some fun getting in touch with someone at Samsung who actually knew what we were talking about.
As such, hopefully this saves you all some time.

Username/ID:  admin
Password: sec00000 (that's 5 zeros)

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  1. haha, thanks! it took me 2min of google, i found your page and now i’m in. life could be so easy.

  2. Thanks!!!… It works… EUREKA

  3. How ridiculous! I’ve just received a new Samsung laser printer and i couldn’t change any settings until i’d logged into the SyncThru web service and it doesn’t state anywhere where this is!?!

    Why isn’t it an open system until you configure it and lock it down if you want to – madness!??!?

    Thanks for sharing this, its save me the hassle of trying to get through to Samsung! :-)

  4. Thanks for this! Frustration removed :-)

  5. Thank you sir.
    Finding this on the user manual or samsung website was impossible.

  6. Thanks for this information. You are a life saver. Thanks for posting!!!

  7. hi!
    i bought scx-3405w printer yesterday. when logged in to SyncThru i was prompted to change login details. i did so, recording the credentials, just in case. it was saved successfully. but now i can’t log in at all using the new or even the old credentials. is there any way to reset it, or even set printer to factory defaults (pressing some buttons possibly)? thanks!

  8. i figured that out! thanks to
    it only accepts password lenght 18characters, mine was longer. what a relief! but they do not mention this anywhere!

  9. Aha! Thank you much!

  10. Yeah, /me could only add myself to the list of thanksgivers ;-)

    Just installed freshly bought printer w/WiFi and got a bit nervous (even while the Net is WPA2-protected, heh ;P)

  11. I love you….lol. I can’t believe it is no where to be found at Samsung!!

  12. Thanks,
    Very happy to get a quick answer to the same question.

  13. who would have thought ….great work

  14. I try to find it out for days. Many thank!!!

  15. Outstanding! I previously had a three week old ML3312ND start printing ALL black on me after printing approximately 50 pages. A call to Samsung told me the problem was likely the toner cartridge which isn’t covered under warranty, but she would be happy to direct me to Samsung Parts where I could purchase a new one (and they are NOT cheap).

    After a long-winded e-mail to nearly ALL of the Senior Executives at Samsung (it took a bit of digging to find the addresses) including Yangkua Kim, their President and CEO for North America, I miraculously received a phone call the next morning from Heather Gramcko, who must be one of their lead VOC (Voice of the Customer) employees. I took the printer in for maintenance at her request (and she said she would replace the toner free of charge even if that was the problem) and basically the whole machine was fried. Not only was it repaired for free, but Heather provided me with a High Yield toner cartridge (which is valued at nearly twice what I paid for the printer).

    I’ve never had any other products with Samsung before, and I own a 56″ HDTV, a Galaxy SII, and a multitude of other less expensive items from them. It took a bit of arm twisting, but my faith in Samsung (at least at the upper level) has been restored.

    Anyway, than you SO much for posting this information. It worked perfectly for me when nothing else I found would.

  16. Thank you soo much! :)

  17. How do i set setup scan to email

  18. Thanks for posting this, I really didnt want to spend the next 24hrs on hold with Samsung!

  19. Great tip! Thank you!
    Greetings from Brazil.

  20. Just adding my contribution to the long list of thanks. The SyncThru service wasn’t even mentioned in the manual for my printer.

  21. Very useful!
    Thanks a lot


  22. Our most sincerelly and strongest hugs here from Brazil, buddy!!! Thank you very very much!!!

  23. Great Help. It saved my day.

  24. is there a way to reset the password of Samsung SyncThru Web Service. the modique and e forgotten.
    greatly appreciate the help and email is

    • Yes, there is a way to reset your printer in case you have forgotten your SyncThru username and password. I have an ML3312ND with an on-printer display and just did so. Find the Network Menu and clear all settings. Then, physically unplug the printer. Your printer will reset all network settings, including the SyncThru password. If you have DHCP on your network, the printer will default to a DHCP IP address. If not, manually reset the network settings, and then use the default username and password (admin/sec00000) to login to SyncThru. Took several hours of Web searching, but I found this useful document buried deep on Samsung’s support site:

  25. for creating a new user in sync thru web service what needs to be filled can any one plzz help me

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