Converting audio to a supported audio codec format on the Cisco UC520 VoIP Box

Posted on February 15, 2011

We recently had some fun finding a conversion utility that would take .WAV or .MP3 and properly encode them to an 8bit uLaw format that is supported by the Cisco UC520. After playing around with the over 6 available conversion utilities (and quite a few fun viruses packed into a few of them), we came up with a product from

It's free ... it works, and it's very quick to use.

1) Record a WAV or MP3 recording of a greeting or prompt you would like to use with the UC520
2) Download the "Switch Audio File Converter" free conversion utility from the above url.
3) Install and Load.
4) Drag and Drop the file you are looking to convert into the main pane.
5) In the bottom left change the "output format" to ".wav"
6) Change the Encoder Options to CCITT u-Law @ 8.000 kHz, 8Bit, Mono
7) Pick a location to save the converted file and hit convert.

That's it. Take the file and use the Web-Gui or CCA (Cisco Configuration Assistant) to upload the file.

Things to remember:

- Cisco requires the file to be a .WAV format @ u-Law 8kHz 8Bit mono, anything else will fail.
- The file cannot be larger than 1mb.
- The quality will not be similar to an MP3 or Wav, its mono and 8bit. Your phone system isn't a high-end stereo system.


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  1. Thanks for posting this info Kris – very helpful and the suggested program worked great along with your step by step directions!


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