Machine not stable? Try this tool.

Posted on October 20, 2010

We commonly run into situations where PCs aren't operating correctly.

Common behaviors include:

- Overall instability
- Incomplete bios posts
- The deadly blinky cursor for a long period of time
- Lock-ups while identifying hard drives
- Even blue screens when hammering your processor

Here's the number one rule.
If you have issues BEFORE windows starts loading, you have a hardware issue. Stop blaming Microsoft.

Most people test the RAM, hard drives and eventually start pulling gear out by process of elimination.
What's generally the LAST thing you check?


I can't tell you the number of times we've tested and replaced absolutely everything only to finally discover the power supply was the issue.
How do you diagnose? You have two options:

- Pull a separate power supply and plug it in.

- Try this tool: (if you can make it to windows)

This tool can help you identify if your power supply is providing sufficient power.
In our cases, the power supplies were delivering <8v when ~12V is required.

You would be AMAZED the instability your machine will demonstrate without a working power supply.
The next time your machine is acting up (especially on start-up), check the power supply.

Special thanks to Davor Karacic for his mental madness.

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  1. Howdy, I have only just received my first computer & to find so much material on the subject of home security & related topics is really great!
    I reckon my mag subs will soon be cancelled as I find more & more sites like this one hahaha
    This is great many thanks

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