Tape Alternative Backup Solutions – Seagate GO w/ Shuttle

Posted on August 23, 2010

I personally cannot stand tape technology. It’s dated, unreliable and horribly expensive. What surprises me is that with all of the drive technology out today people are still using tapes!

I suggest you checkout the Seagate GO solution with the bonus of a Seagate GO USB 2.0 dock. The drives are small, high-capacity and can easily be swapped just like tapes. What about software? If you’re running Windows 2008 server you’re all set. The native backup solution has been drastically upgraded since the days of Server 2003. Block-level efficiency, bare-metal recovery and support for multiple backup destinations are now included, you can deploy a serious backup solution for just the cost of a few external drives.

To give you an example of how efficient a single backup drive is with 2008 server:

Our client “MisterA” has a dedicated file server running W2K8R2. His drive capacity is 1TB and presently 150GB is used. His single external 750GB FreeAgent GO drive is housing over 250 backup copies. How? You need to read up on the block-level backup technology. Only blocks that have changed since the previous backup are copied. I could literally travel back 250 days and restore a single file, or restore the entire system image with the bare metal recovery. That’s just slick.

I strongly recommend the Seagate FreeAgent GO drives with a Seagate USB shuttle. We can ship them directly to your door. Give us a call if you have any questions!

Sizes:                    250gb – 1TB
Weight:                0.35 lb (160g)
Speeds:                USB 2.0

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  1. Greetings – I came across this article while looking for alternatives to our tape drive. We hold about 750gb worth of data on our storage server and would like to possibly move to disk based backup. Our major concern was being able to walk the monthly backups offsite. After reading your article, it looks like a similar solution may work for us. However, I am not finding much information on block-level backup technology. I realize it is included in Windows Server 2008, however I don’t see it referenced anywhere in BackupExec, Acronis, or Arcserve or any of the other major backup suites. If you could, please contact me. I realize you are probably busy, but if you have a moment to answer some questions for me, that would be great. Thanks!

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