“Add To Dictionary” not available on un-recognized words

Posted on August 22, 2010

If you're working along and run into an issue when running spell-check that will not allow you to store a valid word to the dictionary, you've run into a language / localization issue. Verify that the default language option on the custom dictionary is set to "ALL LANGUAGES". If this value does not match the default spell-check language, it will assume an incorrect dictionary look-up for your custom words.

To verify:

1) Ensure you have a word that is underlined and recognized as incorrect
2) Hit f7 to begin spell check
3) In the spell check window take note of  the "Dictionary Language"
4) Hit "Options" and then "Custom Dictionaries"
5) Highlight the custom dictionary and check that the "Dictionary Language" matches the language above.

If not, to avoid headaches change the custom dictionary language to "ALL Languages:".

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  1. Thanks, this worked for me.

  2. Thanks. I have been spending so much to find out how to do this. At last solved.

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